Mapping and GIS

Visualize spatial data, take measurements, and gather new data. With earthmine's unique street level panoramic content, you can build, update, and extend your mapping and GIS database with updated features captured from earthmine's imagery. Quickly integrate terabytes of rich content seamlessly into any mapping or GIS application using earthmine developer tools and hosting solutions.

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Property Assessment

See and measure the difference. Earthmine's citywide street-level mapping system offers property tax assessors, land appraisers, and real estate professionals the ability to appraise and value properties with unprecedented speed. Explore and take measurements of any property from your computer and save pictures of current conditions for your files. With earthmine's software tools, easily add panoramic street imagery content into your existing appraisal software workflow.

Public Works

Bring the field to the office. With earthmine's accurate and high-resolution imagery, engineers, planners, and GIS technicians can locate and assess important city infrastructure from the safety of their office. Minimize the need to collect data along busy streets. Map new and existing assets with point and click speed for accurate import into existing GIS data sets. Work seamlessly between earthmine's platform and your existing GIS system to keep valuable data current.


Road and road side asset mapping. Using earthmine's platform, public transportation agencies and private sector consultants can readily update signage and pavement management databases. Build a visual record of assets over time and easily retrieve pictures of any feature from your earthmine database. Combine 2D transportation features with earthmine's rich and relevant panoramic information to transform your maintenance plans into compelling presentations.


Complete inventory of visible assets. By adding earthmine's real-world accurate panoramic data to their maintenance plans, energy and utility service providers are discovering the cost saving gained by using earthmine's rapidly collected street-level views. An affordable solution which reduces field data collection costs, earthmine's technology permits any technician the ability to measure and record asset conditions along city streets. Inspect vegetation, pole conditions, and wire locations and deploy crews with the visual intelligence earthmine's solution provides.

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