Bring simplicity to complex 3D environments. Cities and major metropolitan areas contain a wealth of complex 3D information, but seldom do people work with spatial data in three dimensions. Use earthmine developer tools to quickly and easily bring a rich, immersive, 3D street level images to your Internet & Mobile, Mapping & GIS, or Safety & Security application.


Leverage your existing geo-spatial data investment. Use the earthmine SDK for Flash to instantly and accurately visualize your spatial database in context. Watch the 3D cursor to get a real-time sense of where your mouse is moving in 3D space, or hook up a map server to get an additional top down perspective. Navigate using the earthmine compass and arrows to navigate down the street, or simply double click to move to a closer view point.


Assess real-world conditions remotely. earthmine's solution is the only metric 3D panoramic system with a corresponding XYZ data point for every pixel in every image. Take measurements between any two points to get real-world length, width, and height information, or string together multiple points for perimeter, and area calculations.


Point and click 3D mapping. Using earthmine developer tools, it is easy to map new features in accurate latitude, longitude, and elevation. You may also choose to import existing data sets and drag the icon to update position information. earthmine's metric imagery works seamlessly with your existing 2D mapping and GIS solutions.

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