Safety and Security

Plan, dispatch, and communicate using detailed spatial information. Add earthmine's high resolution panoramic content to your existing dispatch, planning, or field communication applications to provide a complete, measurable picture of any incident. Using standard web service protocols permits seamless integration within your existing applications. Host your earthmine database on-site to give your organization the control it needs to protect sensitive information and communications.

Featured Case Studies:

Local Search

Quickly locate and assess in field situations before arriving. With earthmine's high-resolution street imagery content at your fingertips, e911 and call center staff can quickly reference existing conditions around incidents in 360 degree detail. Supplement existing map and location information to assist first responders with critical decisions before arriving on the scene. Confirm important location information visually and take measurements to assist personnel in navigating to an incident without delay.

Emergency Management

Plan and communicate precise details effortlessly. Embedded with geographic precision, earthmine's imagery enables national, state and local government teams to visually find and locate street side places, tag them with important intelligence, and relay information about a particular place to other users. To prepare for future disaster, use earthmine's real-world accurate panoramic data when conduct planning and training drills. Compare before and after imagery to create timely damage assessment reports.

Homeland Security

Rapidly gather detailed intelligence and assess threats. earthmine's rapid street data collection solution permits national security planners to efficiently assess vulnerabilities and threats along routes or at fixed venues. Easy to acquire and install, earthmine's panoramic content yields multiple vantage points along the street and takes the guess work out of the field work. Get the maximum critical infrastructure protection for any facilities on the ground with the most current earthmine dataset at a cost that can't be matched. earthmine's content provides a valuable layer of high-resolution data for the mission at hand.

Police & Fire Protection

Up to date situational awareness for everyday use. When earthmine data and technology is added to law enforcement, fire, and search and rescue operations, personnel can create better situation assessment plans before arriving on the scene. Using earthmine's geographically indexed panoramic imagery, identify risks or complications from the office or command center and equip the right team for the situation at hand. earthmine's data is captured from the ground where measuring the height of a fence, opening on a window, or distance from a fire hydrant to building is more accurate and up to date than from geographic data sources.

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