Mobile Mapping Solutions

Massively scalable mobile mapping. earthmine has developed the first truly scalable mobile mapping solution, enabling collection of entire metropolitan areas, states or countries in the order of tens or hundreds of thousands of linear miles of roadway. By combining high fidelity and resolution panoramic imagery with 3D data for every pixel in every image, the result is quantifiably more than just pretty pictures.

Mars Collection System

Mars technology brought to earth. The earthmine Mars Collection System is designed and developed by earthmine to be the first truly scalable mobile 3D mapping system. It begins with high resolution stereo panoramic imagery collected automatically on a distance based interval at regular driving speeds. The system can be mounted on almost any vehicle or earthmine's custom pedestrian area platform for the rapid collection of any vehicle or pedestrian accessible area.

Mars Vehicle

Key Features:

  • High resolution panoramic imagery and 3D point data for every pixel.
  • 32 megapixel 360°(H) x 180°(V) stereo panoramic imagery.
  • Wide angle 360°(H) x 165°(V) 3D Data Capture.
  • Up to 8 million 3D points per image and 24 million points per second (scene dependent).
  • High accuracy global position and orientation sensors.
  • Self calibrating metric cameras for robust field operation.
  • Easy to use earthmine Capture Control software for controlling data collection.
  • Flexible mounting system for deployment on vehicle or pedestrian platforms.

Powered Raising and Lowering. The raising and lowering actuator makes it easy to deploy the camera system to its full height for an un-obstructed view around the vehicle during data collection, or to lower it for storage and servicing. The Mars Collection System also comes with a weather proof cover for long distance travel through any environmental conditions.

earthmine Capture Control Software. Control the distance based sampling rate, view real-time position and orientation information, and inspect imagery through earthmine’s Capture Control software. The software provides an easy to use and intuitive interface to all data collection activities and runs on an included laptop mounted adjacent to the operator.

Resolution & Quality. Data gathered from the cameras is used to automatically calibrate the system and generate seamless 32 megapixel 360°(HFOV) x 180°(VFOV) panoramic imagery and 360°(HFOV) x 165°(VFOV) 3D data. It is then optimized for web-based delivery and a copy of all data is provided on disk for internal hosting and backup.

To find out more about how to obtain an earthmine MARS Collection System, please see contact an earthmine representative for an in depth presentation.

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