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The world on your Desktop. earthmine offers three desktop based solutions; earthmine Viewer provides a complete stand alone solution for navigating street level data and includes a comprehensive set of tools. earthmine for ArcGIS provides powerful extensions for ArcGIS Desktop, connecting directly with your geodatabase allowing you to visualize abstract geospatial data in context as well as populate new data sets.

earthmine for ArcGIS

earthmine for ArcGIS provides a dockable window within ArcMap that displays the high resolution, immersive street level view alongside the traditional 2D map view. Features within the geodatabase are then accurately displayed on top of the panoramic imagery. This provides a powerful way to visualize spatial data within its real world context, and enables users to gather and analyze additional information that may not be contained within their GIS.

Visualize, measure, and map. earthmine for ArcGIS provides users with an unlimited source of data to populate your geodatabase, without having to go to the field. Take linear and area measurements, view and edit attribute information, all within your familiar ArcGIS Desktop environment.

earthmine for ArcGis

Your GIS Data in Context. Navigate your geodatabase from a new and powerful 3D perspective. Using earthmine for ArcGIS your spatial entities are displayed on top of earthmine panoramic imagery with sub-meter accurate alignment providing real-world context.

Getting Started is Easy. Working with earthmine for ArcGIS is easy; simply drag-and-drop to install the add-in and connect to earthmine Cloud or earthmine Server. No software development or engineering resources are required.

Key Features:

  • Seamless integration with ArcMap and your geodatabase.
  • Visualize features in context within the panoramic imagery.
  • Populate your geodatabase by simply pointing and clicking.
  • Accurately measure distances and areas within the earthmine view.
  • Simple drag and drop installation through the ArcGIS add-in framework.
  • Connect to earthmine Cloud or custom earthmine Server installations.

earthmine Viewer

earthmine Viewer is a "ready to go" desktop application built on top of earthmine's SDK for Flash and deployed as an Adobe AIR application for installation on Windows, OSX and Linux systems. The earthmine Viewer integrates satellite and aerial imagery, road data and address geocoders from Bing Maps and provides an extensive set of mapping and measurement tools allowing you to unlock the power of earthmine's 3D street level imagery.

Key Features:

  • Multi-platform - deploy earthmine Viewer on Windows, OSX, Linux or any platform that supports the Adobe AIR runtime.
  • Ready to go out of the box - earthmine Viewer requires no development expertise and is simple to use.
  • Comprehesive and customizable - an extensive set of measurement and mapping tools to leverage your earthmine Street Level Imagery.
  • Top-down views - high resolution satellite imagery and road map views from Bing Maps.
  • Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding - Bing Maps gives the most detailed locations through integration of multiple geocoders.
  • Flexible - connect to earthmine Cloud or custom earthmine Server installations.

earthmine Viewer

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